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P4-A WB Transponder Band Plan,

              Operating Guidelines

            Transponder Usage
            As a general principle, the transponder should be only be used for short-duration tests and contacts. The
            only long duration (more than 10 minute) transmissions should be:
                • The TV beacon channel uplinked from Qatar or Bochum.
                • Video of the live proceedings of AMSAT and Amateur TV Lectures and Conferences
                   of wide interest. Examples might include:
                       • National AMSAT Conferences
                       • National Amateur TV Conventions
            The following content is unacceptable:

                •  Recordings of events, or broadcast of events not explicitly concerned with Amateur
                   Satellites or Amateur TV
                •  Transmission of any copyright material (such as movies or TV channels)
                •  The relaying of terrestrial Amateur TV Repeaters is discouraged unless the content is of
                   exceptional amateur radio interest.
            Transmission power

            All uplink transmissions should use the minimum power possible. No transmissions should have a downlink
            signal with a higher power density than the Beacon - the web-based spectrum monitor will enable users
            to set their uplink power to achieve this.

            Transmission modes

            Transmissions should use DVB-S2 where possible. For normal standard definition transmissions, 2 MS is the
            maximum symbol rate that should be used.

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